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Man’s Parked Car Hit by Another Driver — He Says the Note He Found Is ‘Hands Down the Funniest Thing\


"I opened the note and started instantly laughing hysterically.”

A young Massachusetts man named Thomas Callow posted a photo to Twitter Thursday showing the hilarious note someone left him after hitting his parked car. The post, which quickly went viral, has gained tens of thousands of “likes” and shares.

Callow, 20, told New York Magazine via a Twitter direct message that he had “just aced an English exam” when he returned to his car and discovered his car's scratched bumper, along with a peculiar note.

“I thought the note was a parking ticket because I get those everyday, haha,” Callow explained. “Anyways, I opened the note and started instantly laughing hysterically.”

The note reads: "Yo I hit your car. I'm leaving this note cause someone's watching ... They're still looking .. OK I'm good. My bad n**** Peace out."

And though the offender seemed to have no intention of leaving a name or contact details, Callow said it was too comical to cause him any anger.

"Not even mad about the scratches lmfao.....Hands down the funniest thing that has ever happened to me,” he tweeted with photos of the note and the scratched car.

“I wasn’t mad — the car I have is very old,” Callow told New York Magazine. “I thought the whole thing was awesome. Whoever wrote the note made a lot of people’s days.”

He shared that one person claiming to be the note’s writer reached out after he posted the photos, but he can’t verify if the person was telling the truth.

The whole ordeal doesn’t seem to have affected him negatively. If anything, he seemed rather appreciative of what the mystery note has done for him.

“I have gotten over 50 girls’ phone numbers, so life is pretty good,” Callow said.

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