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‘I Was Angry’: Detroit Tigers Manager Gets Ejected From Game, Absolutely Loses It On Field


"That is without question as animated as we have seen Brad Ausmus."

Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus was ejected from Monday's game for arguing with the home plate umpire — and he did not leave the ballpark quietly.

The incident occurred when Ausmus was thrown out of the game in the fourth inning for arguing about the strike zone. The Tigers manager, who was upset one of his players was called out on strikes, confronted the home plate umpire and got in his face.

"I don't give a f***! I don't care!" Ausmus shouted as a hot mic streamed his comments live on Fox Sports. "I don't give a s***!"

Content warning: strong language:

After hurling the profanity at the umpire, Ausmus kicked dirt on home plate. He then took off his jacket and covered the plate with it before storming off the field.

"That is without question as animated as we have seen Brad Ausmus," a sportscaster commented.

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In a post-game press conference, Ausmus said his frustration "had only to do with the strike zone."

"I was angry and just kind of unraveled there. So bit it. It happened," he told reporters. "[I] certainly don't want kids to hear what I'm saying, but I'm not going out there trying to be politically correct. I'm going out there upset and when I'm upset some cuss words come out. So I apologize to some kids who might have heard it. Don't repeat it. But again, it happens."

The Tigers ultimately defeated the Minnesota Twins Monday 10-8.

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