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Billionaire Mark Cuban Says He’s ‘Wide Open’ to Talking VP Spot With Clinton


"If she really did come to you, would you listen?"

Billionaire Mark Cuban said in an interview to be broadcasted Sunday that he would "absolutely" be open to talking with likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton about running as her vice president.

"If she really did come to you, would you listen?" asked "Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd.

"Absolutely," Cuban replied. "But the key would be — she would have to go more to the center. I like the fact that Senator Clinton has thought out proposals. That's a good thing because at least we get to see exactly where she stands."

The Dallas Mavericks owner said he thinks Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) has "dragged" Clinton "a little to far to the left," but told Todd if she would be willing to moderate, he'd consider running on the ticket.

"If she's willing to listen, if she's willing to hear other sides of things, then I'm wide open to discussing it," Cuban said.

The billionaire said Monday that if the election were held at that moment, he would have cast his vote for Clinton.

“I know what Hillary’s positions are. I can go to Hillary’s websites and there is spreadsheets, there is depth, there is analysis, there is details,” Cuban said at the time. “I can go to Donald’s website, which I have — he lists issues, he lists top line things he’d like to do, but he doesn’t say how he’s going to get there.”

Cuban has been extremely critical of Trump as of late. He said he was "really excited" when the real estate mogul first jumped into the race, but has since been disappointed by the Republican's "approach" to campaigning and lack of "concrete" policy proposals.

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