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They Are Craving Truth': Christian Singer Reveals the One Word He Would Use to Describe the State of the World Right Now


"The word that comes to mind is..."

Singer Jordan Feliz is making a splash in the Christian music scene with the release of his new album, "Beloved," telling The Church Boys podcast in a recent interview about his journey from singing metal tunes to popping up on the Christian music charts.

"I think you can only play metal music for so long," Feliz said of his earlier years performing with a secular group. "It was never my passion."

Despite not getting his start in the Christian music scene, Feliz said that he's always been a believer and that, even in his previous metal career, he sought to send positive messages and adhere to his faith.

As for his current music, Feliz said that he has opted for an "intentional" sound — one that he believes could be helping to reach an underserved audience in the Christian entertainment realm. He's also hoping that his music will help inspire a generation that he says is "craving truth."

Listen to Feliz discuss his career at the 27:45-mark below:

"When I started writing ... I would go to a lot of the writers ... and I would say, 'You know I want to push the limits a little bit,'" he said. "I want it to sound like something that would be on top 40, but in the general market — but I want all the lyrics to edify the Lord."

Feliz went on to say that he believes that "there's a large demographic that's being missed right now," saying that there are some people who simply turn off Christian radio due to the sound and feel of the music.

He's hoping that his album, which is comprised of music that certainly feels like it's top 40 and seemingly strikes the lyrical balance that he was hoping for, will have a profound impact on building others' faith.

"The word that comes to mind ... for the state of the world right now is 'hunger,' and I think the thing is that people are hungry for truth," Feliz said. "They need truth right now in the world. They might not even know it, but they are craving authenticity. They are craving truth."

He continued, "That's what I pray that my record can be for people."


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