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'Duck Dynasty' Star John Luke Robertson Reveals What It's Like to Get Married at 19, His Views on Hunting — and Why He's Still 'Beardless\


"When I told my dad I was going to propose, his first words were, 'Well, why did you wait so long?'"

"Duck Dynasty" star John Luke Robertson recently appeared on The Church Boys podcast to discuss his views on hunting, why he doesn't have one of his family's signature beards, marital lessons he's learned so far and plenty more.

Robertson, son of Korie and Willie Robertson, made headlines last year when the then-teen married his fiancé, Mary Kate — a wedding that captured a great deal of attention due to the fact that both the bride and groom were under the age of 20.

"We're young even for [the] south, but everyone is super supportive," he said. "When I told my dad I was going to propose, his first words were, 'Well, why did you wait so long?'"

Robertson, author of the new book "Young and Beardless," said that there are some challenges to getting married at such a young age, though.

Listen at the 57:30-mark below:

Among the challenges are some of the complicated logistics that he and his wife face due to their ages.

"We can't rent cars of hotels. Being married this young and having to figure all that out, that's been hard," Robertson said. "Other than that I think it's just really opened my eyes to a lot of who I am."

He then joked about how a friend recently described marriage "like a giant mirror that shares all the worst parts of you" — a description that he found to be true, as couples suddenly have the opportunity to see both their positives and their negatives through their spouse.

Among other elements of transition, he and Mary Kate just wrapped their first year at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia — 16 hours from their home in Louisiana.

As for whether he'll ever grow a beard, Robertson said that he's intrigued by the prospect, but that it seems relatively impossible at the moment.

"I do have interest in growing a beard ... my face just isn't with the program," he quipped. "Right now ... I can get a little something, but it's just kind of scraggly ... I wouldn't even call it a beard."

Snowy Sunday with my girls.

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Robertson also revealed that he's not a huge hunting aficionado — something that might surprise some "Duck Dynasty" fans, considering his family's love of the sport.

"I'm not the biggest [hunting fan]," he said, saying that he can shoot and likes being outdoors, but "wouldn't say hunting is like my thing."

In the end, he said that he's hoping his new book, "Young and Beardless," inspires young people to achieve their dreams.

"Young people have a lot of really big God-driven dreams to change the world, but we get so caught up in you know what if it goes wrong ... 'when I have more money' or 'when I get married,'" he said, hoping to help his peers look beyond those barriers.


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