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That's a Ridiculous Statement': Veterans Clash Over Trump's Military Donation Controversy


"I think this is a little bit like a witch hunt."

Two veterans clashed during a segment on "The Kelly File" on Tuesday night over the fact that Donald Trump ended up raising less money for veterans than he had previously stated.

Sgt. Robert Bartlett told host Megyn Kelly that he believes that it's important for people who say that they are supporting veterans to act in accordance with that sentiment, saying that he is hopeful that Trump was doing the right thing back in January when he skipped a Fox News debate to raise funds for American servicemen and women.

"I just want politicians or people running for office to be honest and do the right thing. If you say you support the vets, then do so," he said. "That's what the American public is asking for. They're asking for these politicians who are running to do the right thing."

But Navy SEAL Carl Higbie hit back, saying that he believes that Bartlett's comments were "uncharacteristic of a veteran."

"Sgt. Bartlett, with all due respect, I think that's fairly shallow of you to say that Trump only gave $4.5 million dollars — sure, he said $6 million; it's a million and a half dollars," Higbie said. "I think that's a ridiculous statement and I think it's honestly uncharacteristic of a veteran to say something like that, respectfully."

Bartlett, though, said that he wasn't trying to specifically target Trump and that he was simply calling on people to make good on their word — and to own up to their mistakes if and when they unfold.

"I didn't even say any of that," he said. "What I did say is that people need to be held accountable for what they do say and what they do."

Higbie said that he believes that Trump has done a great deal for veterans, and that critics are simply looking for something to pin on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

"Megyn, I think this is a little bit like a witch hunt," he said. "This is like a high school kid complaining that he got a Lexus instead of a Lamborghini."

(H/T: Mediaite)


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