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Following Shooting in Dallas, Here’s How This Mom and Her Kids Decided to Support Their Local Police

Image source: Facebook/Nakeshia Shannon

After a shooting in Dallas that took the lives of five police officers, one mom decided to offer her support to her local police officers.

Nakeshia Shannon, a photographer in South Carolina, told TheBlaze that she and her kids baked snickerdoodle cookies for the Easley Police Department because she wanted to show her kids that police officers are there to “protect and serve.”

Image source: Facebook/Nakeshia Shannon

“The police officers were kind of shocked,” Shannon said. “But they were excited.”

Shannon said that her oldest son wants to be a police officer.

“He’s only five, but if you ask him what he wants to be, he says a police officer,” Shannon said.

Shannon said that she was heartbroken about those who lost their lives in Dallas and started thinking of something she could do to help, particularly because of her son.

“I’m an African-American female and the only thing I’m worried about is my son’s safety,” Shannon said. “I want to teach my kids to be respectful and honorable in all that they do. I don’t want my son thinking if he sees a police officer they’re going to shoot him.”

Shannon said her son asked her what it means to “protect and serve.”

“I told him that they think of others before themselves, they stop bullying, and they make sure people follow rules,” she said.

“It’s like anything else, there are good people and there are bad people who are police,” Shannon said. “Violence doesn’t solve the problem.”

“I’m raising my son so that if he does become a police officer, he’ll be one of the good ones,” she said.

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