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State Senator Discusses 'America's Biggest Problem' — and It's Not Race or Law Enforcement


"Fueling an already blazing fire."

South Carolina state Sen. Katrina Shealy advocated shutting down the media in the wake of the violence across the U.S. this week.

Shealy, a Republican, said in a Facebook post Friday that "America's biggest problem" was not race relations or law enforcement issues but the media.

Image via Facebook/Katrina Shealy SC Senate

"Our biggest problem could very possibly (most likely) be the Media!!! If we could shut down all media for one month except for weather reports and let everyone else do their job I bet we would see a change," Shealy wrote. "The media sensationalizes everything that happens stirring the pot, fueling an already blazing fire."

Shealy told the Charleston Post and Courier that she was referring more to social media as well as a lack of accurate reporting.

"The people are confused by what they see," Shealy told the newspaper, referring to the shootings of black men by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota earlier this week — which sparked national outrage and protests — as well as the attack on Dallas police officers Thursday night. She said the media "fuels the rage."

"Race is not our biggest problem — we are a country made up of many races and nationalities," Shealy wrote on her Facebook page. "Granted we need to sit down at the table and learn to work together but this is not our biggest problem and it is not going away!

"Law enforcement is certainly not our problem," she continued. "Everyone of our Law Enforcement officers put their life on the line every day. They do this with less pay than most jobs and less opportunities for advancement. What we need to do is offer more training, higher salaries, better benefits and more protection and better equipment for law enforcement."

Read more of Shealy's commentary:

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