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A Disturbing Number of People Don't Recognize Vice Presidential Candidates


"That's not Nixon."

Image source: YouTube

The conservative Media Research Center took to the streets of Washington, D.C., to test people's knowledge of the two major party vice presidential nominees — Indiana Republican Gov. Mike Pence and Virginia Democratic Sen. Tom Kaine.

They showed a number of people pictures of both Pence and Kaine, but if you thought they would recognize the face of the two men who could become the second-highest elected official in the country, you would be wrong.

One woman, who said she is from Kaine's home state of Virginia, had no idea the picture was actually of her own senator. Another woman even wondered if Kaine was former President Richard Nixon, only to be told by the man she was with, "That's not Nixon."

But it gets worse.

One man thought Pence was current Vice President Joe Biden, another said Pence was running with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, not GOP nominee Donald Trump.

You can watch the footage below, but fair warning: some viewers may find this video extremely ignorant and lose all hope in humanity.

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