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MSNBC Anchor Apologizes to RNC Official for Interrupting During Contentious Exchange on Trump


"Clearly this is a very heated time."

Image source: YouTube

An MSNBC anchor apologized to an official from the Republican National Committee for interrupting him during a contentious exchange regarding Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Friday.

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle questioned RNC strategist Sean Spicer over Trump’s use of the term “bigot” to describe his rival, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In a speech Thursday linking Trump to the alt-right movement, Clinton called Trump's campaign “sinister” and argued that he is “reinforcing harmful stereotypes and offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters.”

Spicer called Clinton's characterization "somewhat desperate."

"Whether it was a desperate act or not, all those things that she laid out, that Donald Trump has said or done, were any of them incorrect?" Ruhle asked.

Image source: YouTube

Spicer pointed instead to an advertisement released by the Clinton campaign, which he called "unbelievably over the top," and argued they “cherry-picked” statements from Trump supporters to suit the Clinton campaign’s talking points.

"I could have equally walked through Philadelphia and the DNC and found a bunch of people that have way outlandish, far-left-wing crazy ideas and done the same thing and made them answer for it, which I think we probably should do as well," he said.

"Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a bigot. That's not desperate?" Ruhle asked, adding that Spicer shouldn’t “pivot” to Clinton but answer her question about Trump.

“I’m not pivoting,” Spicer said. “Hillary Clinton says a lot of things about Donald Trump. She puts out a video like the white supremacists and the KKK and then everyone says look what Donald Trump says. At some point some people have to look at what Hillary Clinton has done and said in her record.”

“Hold on, outlandish,” Ruhle interjected. “It is not outlandish for Rudy Giuliani to say 'Google Hillary Clinton and health'? That’s not outlandish? Please answer my question.”

“I am,” Spicer said.

“Is that not outlandish?” Ruhle asked again, speaking over Spicer.

At the interview’s conclusion, Ruhle said, "Sean, I apologize for interrupting you earlier."

"Clearly this is a very heated time," she added.

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