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Trump Supporter: Clinton 'Might As Well Put on Blackface,' Sees Blacks as 'Inferior'


"She pantomimes us, she insults us, she imitates us."

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During an intensely heated debate on Fox News' "Hannity" Friday night, Pastor Darrell Scott, a strong supporter of Donald Trump, came to the Republican nominee's defense, saying he was absolutely right to call Hillary Clinton a "bigot."

The comments came after host Sean Hannity got caught in a back-and-forth with fellow network anchor Juan Williams. Hannity said he doesn't "want to see the race-baiting that Hillary Clinton played this week," presumably referring to her speech against the alt-right.

"But considering it's her, and she's so dishonest, and she lies so often, and she sold out her office, and she got caught, I'm not surprised she did it," Hannity charged.

Williams then moved in to criticize Trump for his apparent shift on immigration reform, but Scott interjected.

"One thing you have to understand when Donald Trump calls Hillary a bigot. Bigotry does not always manifest as hatred. Bigotry can be manifest with kindness and niceness."

As an example, he said Clinton — in his view — feels she has to "reach down to help" black people, which proves she believes they are "inferior to her."

Hannity then played a couple instances of Clinton seeming to take on a deep southern accent when speaking to predominantly black audiences before asking Scott if her doing so is "pandering."

"That's insulting," the pastor replied. "She might as well put on blackface — that's what she might as well do. She pantomimes us, she insults us, she imitates us."

"It is insulting. There is something pandering and insulting," Hannity agreed.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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