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Radio Host Steve Deace Reminds Republicans That It’s Pennsylvania or Bust for Trump

Radio host Steve Deace (Facebook)

Instead of focusing on national polls and popular polls, radio host Steve Deace appeared on Dana to offer voters — especially those vying for Trump — a succinct, strong reminder that the election is an Electoral College battle, one where Hillary Clinton clearly has the advantage right now.

Deace didn’t rule out a Trump victory but did say it’s Pennsylvania or bust.

“I would just tell your audience that if they want to save themselves some time in the next 60 days to keep an eye on Pennsylvania,” he said.

“Until the polls change there, they don’t matter anywhere else,” Deace continued. “Because here is what Trump has to do if he doesn’t win Pennsylvania: He’s got to win Nevada, New Hampshire, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida.

“Nobody has done that on the Republican Party, Dana, since Reagan’s landslide of ’84. So Pennsylvania is the key battlefield state in the election.”

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