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Tomi Lahren: Clinton Is Either 'Dumb as a Rock ... or She's Lying. Take Your Pick.

Tomi Lahren (TheBlaze)

Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, attempted to explain Clinton’s use of a private email server on ABC News, but many of his responses seemed to contradict previous statements, especially FBI findings.

“She did make a mistake,” Kaine said. “She made it by deciding she wanted to use one device instead of multiple devices. She’s apologized for that. She said it was a mistake, and she’s learned from it.”

His statement more than agitated conservative commentator Tomi Lahren:

She used 13 or more devices! She didn’t use one device. She used at least 13 freaking devices! Are you seriously going to sit here and lie to the American people?

When even ABC starts to question your integrity, there’s no where to hide.

Lahren showed evidence that a preservation request was sent to Clinton and her staff before electronic devices were wiped clean and ultimately destroyed with hammers, and then delved into FBI interview notes suggesting that Clinton had difficulty recognizing classified material in emails.

"There are only two things you can take away from that," Lahren said. "Either she's dumb as a rock and has no clue on how to handle government affairs and closely held national security intel. Or she's lying. Take your pick."

Watch the four-minute clip:

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