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Dems' Defense of Clinton's Pneumonia Includes Fat-Shaming Trump and Mocking His Eating Habits


"He's 70, he's the heaviest president...candidate since..."

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With Hillary Clinton sidelined by pneumonia, Democrats rallied to support their party's nominee. As President Barack Obama headlined a campaign rally for Clinton in Philadelphia, other high profile Democrats went on the offensive, attacking Republican nominee Donald Trump on a very personal level: his weight.

Former Obama campaign manager, David Plouffe appeared on MSNBC, slamming the GOP nominee for his girth and comparing him to William Howard Taft, the nation's famously plus-sized president.

In Washington, D.C., 76-year-old Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) mocked Trump to the press corps, "He's 70 years old, he brags about eating fast food every day."

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