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Tomi Lahren: ‘Maybe Hillary Isn’t Sick at All’

Toim Lahren (TheBlaze)

Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren is losing sleep.

“Hillary’s health is keeping me up at night,” Lahren said during her Final Thoughts segment Tuesday. “Seriously, it is. But not because I’m necessarily concerned she’s sick, because I’m concerned she’s playing us again," adding:

Maybe, just maybe Hillary isn’t sick at all. Hear me out.

It is concerning to have a presidential contender in poor health. It doesn’t look great for her campaign. But the thing with Hillary is poor health is actually better PR-wise than the rest of the crap in her closet, and I’m not just talking about her pantsuit collection.

Think about it, we’ve seen this before: Whenever Hillary gets some heat, she disappears; she gets sick; she has a concussion, she has an episode.

The host said she wouldn’t put it past Clinton to play the sick card right now, the same card Lahren says the then-secretary of state played in 2012, when she postponed her Benghazi testimony after she allegedly fainted and suffered a concussion, and when Clinton told FBI officials earlier this summer that her concussion kept her from remembering how to handle classified documents.

Maybe she is sick, Lahren says, or maybe the machine is at it again: Divert, distract, lie.

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