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Two-Time Presidential Adviser Says Hillary ‘Bluffed’ Long Enough to Hold Out Stronger Candidates


“You’d have to take Bill and Hillary screaming and kicking off the stage.”

In the midst of a difficult week for Hillary Clinton, TheBlazeTV host Dana Loesch approached the big what-if question swirling about in the undercurrent of American politics: Just how possible it is for the DNC to switch out embattled Clinton for a much stronger nominee before it’s entirely too late?

“I think you’d have to take Bill and Hillary screaming and kicking off the stage,” Doug Wead, historian, author and former two-time presidential advisor, told Loesch on her show, Dana. “I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

And even in the improbable circumstance that Clinton did agree to step aside, Wead says Clinton would still be very much in control of how the DNC played its hand come November:

But theoretically, if it were to happen, they would have to go back to the DNC, the same delegates that selected her, in Philadelphia, and say who do we want now and Hillary would influence that decision. She could name who she wanted. Most of those delegates are heavily invested in her. And they’re handpicked, many of them by her. So she still has the power.

Power aside, it’s how Clinton has played her cards so carefully for so long — from signaling her presidential intentions early to naming a lesser known Democratic vice presidential running mate who could not practically move into her spot should trouble arise — that shows Clinton’s political accuracy, Wead maintained.

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