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Army vet tears into Obama for telling black audience not voting for Clinton would be 'personal insult


"When President Barack Obama says he would find it as a personal insult..."

A.D. Bell (Image source: YouTube)

A black U.S. Army veteran is offering a fiery response to President Barack Obama's statement that it would be a "personal insult" to the president if black people do not vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Obama made the comment Saturday at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation gala dinner in Washington, D.C. A day later, A.D. Bell, who describes himself in his Twitter bio as "not a liberal or conservative," uploaded a YouTube video in which he tore into the president's words.

After pointing to his "Make America Great Again" camouflage hat and calling attention to his football jersey, Bell said he used to live in Chicago and used to be a Bears fan. However, Bell added that he no longer supports the team because it kept quarterback Jay Cutler.

Bell said because he no longer lives in the Windy City and is no longer a Bears fan, he doesn't care about the city's professional sports teams.

"But what I do care about," Bell said, "is the people. So when President Barack Obama says he would find it as a personal insult if people, black particularly, don't vote for Hillary Clinton, I find it a personal insult that you only made one attempt to reach out to these people."

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