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Glenn Beck takes viewers on a story tour of his underground vault in new mini-series


“I don’t want this just sitting in a vault where you can’t see it.”

Glenn Beck in his underground vault where he keeps many of his collectables. (TheBlaze)

Glenn Beck, an avid American antiques collector, says he’s still in the acquisition stage of his career, but he hopes to someday have enough artifacts to open a museum to share his possessions with fellow history buffs.

“I don’t want this just sitting in a vault where you can’t see it,” the radio and TV host said while unpacking an item, “because the stories need to be told.”

To Beck, history should never be presented like a dates-and-place memorization exercise, but instead like the emotional, plot-rich stories they are.

“Now we don’t even teach about the Holocaust, if your kids are in Common Core,” he lamented.

Normally, Beck’s full-length programming is behind a subscription pay wall, but this episode is available for free and features some of the following, and more, items:

— A French flag that hung in the Paris train station over trains destined for Word War II-era concentration camps

— Rare books about Native American history, long forgotten and excluded from more modern versions of history

— Books and memorabilia from Civil War-era American concentration camps

— Map and schematics for the first moon landing

— One of the first 3D-printed guns ever created

— An original voice recording of Thomas Edison after World War I, thanking the troops for their service

— A rifle confiscated from the Lakota tribe the morning of the Wounded Knee Massacre in South Dakota in 1890

— A Christ-era, Roman silver coin like the one Judas used to betray the Savior

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