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TheBlaze hosts Pat and Stu give nod to young NFL receiver for his brilliant move

Ty Montgomery’s brilliant play gives Packers ball at 40 yd line. (YouTube/ FoxSports) \n

Pat and Stu took a brief break from political news on TheBlaze TV to give a well-deserved nod to a young NFL receiver who made a brilliant play over the weekend.

Green Bay Packer’s Ty Montgomery, who was a rookie just last year, took advantage of a little known strategy to gain 38 yards on a kick return — just by stepping out of bounds and grabbing the ball on a rare, backward bounce. The Packers, who rank 5th in the NFL for returns this season, average 25 yards per return.

Montgomery’s quick thinking will be referenced for years to come. The 23-year-old kick return specialist was immediately dubbed “brilliant,” and “genius” for his next-level thinking on social media threads.

To some, Montgomery's maneuver was seemingly inconsequential — just running two yards and dropping to the ground out of bounds. To sports fanatics, however, who see dozens of kick returns each weekend in the fall, the tough-to-pull-off trick was a break from the norm, and an artful one at that.

The play:

And a GIF, for fanatics who can't get enough:

The specific strategy, in a nutshell:

"Because even though the ball was in bounds, Montgomery's feet being out of bounds meant that, by rule, the kickoff itself is considered to have gone out of bounds. So instead of Packers ball on their own 3, the ball came out to the 40 like an ordinary kickoff that squibs out of bounds." — FoxSports.com

Be honest, did you know about this cool kickoff return strategy?
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