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‘Bill, let's go!’: Watch Clinton delay Obama’s flight home from Israel


"I'll take you home."

Image source: YouTube

Like many air travelers, President Barack Obama just wanted to get on the plane and go home Friday after a trip to Israel. But former President Bill Clinton had other plans.

The current and former presidents were in the country to attend the funeral of Israeli statesman Shimon Peres, who served as Israel’s president and prime minister.

In a video posted by Sky News, Obama appeared eager to return home as he boarded Air Force One. He later re-emerged to coax Clinton, who was chatting on the tarmac:

“Bill , let’s go, I’ll take you home!” the president can be heard shouting at one point in the video. He claps his hands and beckons to Clinton at another point.

Clinton later spreads his arms in a conciliatory gesture to Obama as he boards the plane, and the two presidents smile and pat each other on the back.

Watch below:

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