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Laura Ingraham blames Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte for ‘blowing up’ the GOP


“That’s what the Democrats never do.”

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Talk radio host Laura Ingraham claimed Tuesday that Republicans such as House Speaker Paul Ryan (Wis.) and Sen. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.) are the people responsible for “blowing up” the GOP — not presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“What they’ve been saying is that Donald Trump is blowing up the Republican Party,” Ingraham said on Fox News' “Fox and Friends.” “And I say that is a false narrative.”

Ingraham, a vocal Trump supporter, argued that “the people who are blowing up the Republican Party are the Kelly Ayottes, the Paul Ryans” who “run to their friends in the press” to discuss discontent with the nominee.

“That’s what the Democrats never do,” she said. “They never break ranks with their nominee.” Instead, she argued that Ryan should prioritize winning the election over his policy goals:

This is political strategy and if you want to just have theories about Jack Kemp and how his policies are great, and we need to go back to that, that’s fine, go to a think tank and write articles all day long. But if you’re working in politics, politics is about winning. If you don’t win, you cease to be a party that is relevant in America.

Many Republicans have rescinded their support of Trump following the publication of a 2005 video tape in which Trump can be heard saying he can “do anything” to women because he’s a “star.”

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