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Oh My': Sen. Ben Sasse calls out Sean Hannity on Twitter causing Hannity to unleash tweet storm


"REMINDERS: Not everything is about Nov 8th."

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Fox News host Sean Hannity lashed out at Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse Friday evening, after the Republican senator called him out for praising WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

In a tweet storm, Hannity mocked Sasse while praising WikiLeaks and Assange, saying they have done the United States a "great service." Hannity's tweets came after Sasse quoted tweeted him.

It began with this tweet from Hannity:

Then Sasse replied:

Which caused Hannity to lash out five tweets at Sasse:

Hannity, however, has had quite the change of heart over Assange. In 2010, after WikiLeaks released documents sensitive to U.S. national security, Hannity called for Assange's arrest, saying he was "waging a war against the U.S."

But now, Hannity shows favor to Assange, who is currently held up in Ecuador's London embassy. The embassy has been his residence after the South American country granted him political asylum in 2012.

According to Media Matters, Hannity has clearly said his favor toward Assange is due to WikiLeaks releasing emails that make Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton look very bad.

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