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Liberal TV host goes off on Clinton: 'This was way more than a mistake. Way more.

"Morning Joe" hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough (Image source: YouTube)

Mika Brzezinski — cohost of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" and a well-known liberal — on Monday issued a stinging rebuke of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over the FBI's investigation of more emails discovered from her private server when she was secretary of state.

"Everyone talks about what [FBI Director James] Comey did this weekend as being outrageous," Brzezinski said, presumably lashing out at Democrats upset about the revelations with only days remaining until the election. "This was a great credible man with great integrity a week ago. So I don't really get that."

Then Brzezinski lit up Clinton:

The bottom line is, this all goes back to the server. Something she shouldn't have done. Something that was way more than a mistake. Way more. And this is a self-inflicted, massive wound. And I just kept thinking how I've been on my horse going after Republicans and the Republican party. ... "You nominated Donald Trump, how could you do that?" When I'm thinking Democrats nominated someone who is under an FBI investigation for having a private server among other things. So here we are. Here we are.

Cohost Joe Scarborough added his amazement over those "trying to spin wildly for Hillary" and saying the FBI has no idea what's in the new batch of emails.

"If you really believe that, then please, come to 30 Rock and get on my multicolored unicorn at noon, and we will fly to Atlantis together," Scarborough said. "Listen, the FBI knows enough."

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