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Watch what brings Clinton, Trump supporters together to cast a 'vote for good

Image source: YouTube

The 2016 campaign has been particularly divisive — but there is one solution to bring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters together.

Pedigree dog food sent a woman armed with a "lost" golden retriever into rallies for both the Democratic presidential nominee and the GOP nominee. But as she wandered the rallies, supposedly looking for the dog's owner, she wore the opponent's shirt.

Inevitably, the woman received some confused looks and questions, but overwhelmingly, people put politics aside and gathered to pet the friendly dog and help find its humans.

"I love that apparently when it comes to dogs, there's no political parties," a Clinton supporter said in Pedigree's ad.

Another young woman in a Clinton hat said she didn't "expect to ever agree with a Trump supporter on something."

Watch the entire heartwarming ad below.

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