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1 in 4 U.S. troops is worried about working under Trump as commander in chief

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a campaign event with veterans at the Trump International Hotel. (Getty Images/Tom Williams)

With Donald Trump as commander in chief, more than a quarter of of military personnel surveyed admitted that they worry about the future of their jobs.

According to the Military Times/Institute for Military and Veterans Families poll, more than 27 percent of active-duty service members said Trump could negatively affect their job or future missions. That concern was even higher among officers (39 percent) and women (55 percent).

Approximately 1 in 5 troops polled also said they are unlikely to re-enlist under Trump's administration. And 54 percent of military personnel who voted for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton also said they are unlikely to re-enlist.

However, 54 percent of service members are confident that Trump will be able to tackle the threat of the Islamic State in the Middle East.

The poll also found that of the 2,790 surveyed, 56 percent of troops are confident that Trump can improve pay and benefits. And more than 60 percent said Trump will work with Congress to find a solution to defense spending caps.

Of those polled, 80 percent voted in the presidential election. Approximately 12 percent of the service members said they did not vote due to "barriers to casting their ballot," the poll found. Only 8 percent of those polled declined to vote.

And of those who voted, 51 percent said they picked Trump.

Trump was heavily criticized during the election for his attack on a Gold Star family that supported Clinton. But he also promised to "take care of our vets" and fix the VA.

His messaging seemed to pay off; as the Chicago Tribune reported, swing-state counties with a high concentration of veterans turned red for Trump.

Read more of the Military Times/IMVF poll here.


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