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Watch: University basketball coach has some harsh words about our "participation trophy" culture

Jeff Walz talks about our participation trophy culture during a post-game press conference.

Jeff Walz is the coach for the women's basketball team at the University of Louisville, and after a six point loss to Maryland, he held a post-game press conference. Needless to say, he wasn't pleased with his team's performance, and attributed their lack of ferocity on the court to a lack of heart, and willingness to want the win more.

This spurred him onto a small, but on target rant about how we're rewarding kids nowadays for failure, and how it's sapping their desire for victory.

"We just live, right now, in the generation of kids that are coming through. Everybody gets a damn trophy," said Walz. "Okay? You finish last, you come home with a trophy. You kidding me? I mean, what's that teaching kids? It's okay to lose. And unfortunately, it's our society,"

"Because you finish fifth, you walk home with this nice trophy, the parents are all excited. No," he continued. "Not to be too blunt, but you're a loser. We're losers. We got beat."

"So we lost. There is no trophy for us, but unfortunately the way these kids are brought up today, there is a trophy. Because nobody wants to have hard feelings. Nobody wants their feelings hurt."

Walz continues to lambast the participation trophy culture children are being raised around. He makes it clear that this is not going to help students with the real world in the future, and it's certainly not going to help them win any games. Instead, he talks about how losing is the building block to making yourself better.

Watch Walz's rant below. It's a sentiment definitely worth being echoed for those who feel as he does.


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