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Christmas TV episode features jaw-dropping Jesus mockery, violence. Oh wait — it's 'Family Guy.\

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Fox's "Family Guy" has been turning mockery of Christianity and Jesus himself into big bucks for such a long time that some might say it's pretty much become a standard menu item in a normal TV viewing diet.

In Sunday night's “How the Griffin Stole Christmas” episode, Lois tells the clan to get ready for church, and Peter — predictably — questions her sanity.

"Church? What are you, an idiot?" Peter asks. "It's the first snow of the season. We're going sledding"

To drive home his point, Peter adds: "Come on, Lois. After all, sledding was the second passion of the Christ."

With that, a clip pops up of surfer-skater-skiier-shredder Jesus/dude standing on a sled going down a snow-covered hill. He declares: "Eat this, for this is my dust!"

Not to be outdone, a Nativity scene is depicted showing the Little Drummer Boy suddenly quitting his gentle tapping on the skins in favor of a rock 'n' roll drum solo. At its conclusion, he kicks over the manger with Jesus still resting in it.

"Christmas is gonna be sick!" the Little Drummer Boy shouts.

The show's creator, Seth MacFarlane, is well known for his anti-religious views, with special attention seemingly paid to Christianity. When he accepted a humanist award from the Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy in 2011, MacFarlane told the audience the "knowledge that we have today, you will not be able to find these things in the Bible. At the same time, our society clings to these bizarre [biblical] superstitions.”

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