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Michael Moore offers financial incentive for electors who vote against Trump

Filmmaker Michael Moore (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Liberal author and filmmaker Michael Moore is offering a financial incentive to members of the Electoral College, just hours before they are scheduled to gather at state capitols around the country and formally declare Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States.

A number of electors who oppose Trump — Democrat and Republican — have said they will not cast their ballots in accordance with how their states voted. The U.S. Constitution does not require that they do so, although some states may impose penalties on the so-called "faithless electors."

But Moore offered to pay any state-imposed fines for electors who go against Trump and "vote their conscience."

"Republican Electors — If you vote your conscience at noon and your state fines you for this, I will pay your fine," Moore tweeted Sunday night.

Moore posted a similar message on his Facebook page.

"Tomorrow is the day you are supposed to gather with your fellow electors and choose the next President of the United States. I am not going to ask you to vote for the person who got the most votes (although I will not be upset should you chose to side with the majority of your fellow Americans and do so!)," Moore said.

"No, I'm simply asking you to vote your conscience and PLEASE do not put our nation in danger by choosing Donald J. Trump," he added.

Electors in all 50 states will meet at noon Monday to finalize the election results.

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