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Here is a complete list of faithless electors

Anti-Trump demonstrators gather in the State House outside the senate chamber where Electoral College members were to cast their presidential vote, Monday, Dec. 19, 2016 in Lansing, Mich. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

The Electoral College gathered on Monday to officially elect Donald Trump president. As predicted, Trump easily surpassed the 270 votes needed to win the presidency.

Amidst all the protesting and campaigning from the left encouraging members to be "faithless electors," there were several electors who opted to vote for a candidate who did not win their state. But many of them were Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's electors.

Here is the full list of faithless electors and who they ultimately voted for:

David Bright of Maine — Bright attempted to be a faithless elector, switching his initial vote from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. But he was forced to switch his vote back, pursuant to Maine delegate rules. In the end, he finally caved and voted for Clinton.

Muhammad Abdurrahman of Minnesota — Abdurrahman was a delegate for Sanders and voted for him instead of Clinton. The vote was declared invalid, and Abdurrahman was replaced with an alternate who voted for Clinton.

Esther John of Washington — John should have voted for Clinton, but instead wrote in a vote for Colin Powell. She said she did this "in the hopes that Democrats and Republicans could reconcile" and added that "Colin Powell is beloved by so many people and respected by so many people."

Levi Guerra of Washington — Another elector from Washington, Guerra should have also voted for Clinton but was convinced by John to vote for Powell.

Bret Chiafalo of Washington — Chiafalo intended to vote for Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich but decided to join John and Guerra in voting for Powell.

Robert Satiacum of Washington — Satiacum is a member of Washington's Puyallup Tribe and supported Sanders in the primary election. He cast his vote for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American residing in Washington who is very involved in environmental activism. "It's all about the water. We need leaders who understand that," Satiacum said.

Washington state rules indicate that faithless electors will be fined $1,000.

Art Sisneros of Texas — Sisneros, who had previously considered voting against Trump, ultimately decided to resign because his conscience would not allow him to vote for Trump. He was replaced by an alternate.

Chris Suprun of Texas — Suprun announced prior to the vote that he would be voting for Kasich instead of Trump. He told reporters outside the Texas House chamber, "I think I cast a ballot based on principles and values. You can never go wrong when you're doing that."

Bill Greene of Texas — Instead of voting for Trump, Greene cast his vote for former Texas GOP Rep. Ron Paul.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced Monday that a bill had already been filed in Texas to make the electors' commitments binding.

Micheal Baca of Colorado —  Baca intended to vote for a Republican "compromise" candidate instead of voting for Clinton. He cast his vote for Kasich while wearing a Sanders shirt that read, "Enough is enough." Baca was removed and replaced by an alternate who voted for Clinton.

David Mulinix of Hawaii — Mulinix, who was supposed to vote for Clinton, voted for Sanders instead. "We shouldn't have electors. The votes of the people should be making the decision. The Electoral College is outdated," he said. "Maybe it worked in 1789 when almost nobody could read or write. Maybe it made sense then  but we are way past that." He was not replaced and his vote was counted.

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