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Trump announces administration role for Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway walks through the Trump Tower lobby in New York on Dec. 12. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

One of the biggest questions about the transition effort for President-elect Donald Trump has been answered, as Trump has finally announced what role campaign manager Kellyanne Conway will play in his upcoming administration. Trump announced that Conway will have the title of "special counselor" to the president and will be the highest ranking female adviser within the Trump White House.

Conway was widely credited with bringing message discipline to the Trump campaign at a time when it was floundering and facing double-digit deficits in many polls. After Conway was brought on board, Trump began a long, slow climb back into contention.

Conway's future in the incoming Trump administration has been the subject of frequent public speculation since Trump's surprise victory. Conway had been rumored as a candidate for White House press secretary, as well as a candidate for a pro-Trump outside organization similar to President Obama's Organizing for America group.

Trump's final decision ensures that Conway will remain in close daily contact with the president-elect and continue to provide him political advice — advice that has, by all accounts, served Trump well in the past.

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