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Israel plans to release proof to Trump that Obama was behind controversial UN resolution

Israel's ambassador to the US Ron Dermer talks to the media after his meeting with US President-elect Donald Trump at the Trump Tower in New York on November 17, 2016. (JEWEL Samad/AFP/Getty Images)

Israel’s ambassador the United States Ron Dermer said Monday that his country will give “clear evidence” to President-elect Donald Trump’s administration that the Obama administration was behind the United Nations’ condemnation of Israeli settlements.

TheBlaze previously reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently blamed President Barack Obama’s administration after the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution that demanding that the country cease construction in land claimed by the Palestinians. The council called the halting Israeli construction “essential for salvaging the two-state solution."

The Hill reported that the United States — which has veto power in the United Nations Security Council — abstained from the vote, “allowing the resolution to pass and breaking with longstanding U.S. policy to shield Israel from U.N. condemnation.”

Dermer said during an interview on CNN that Israel "will present this evidence to the new administration through the appropriate channels.”

Dermer declined to elaborate on what sort of evidence Israel will offer the Trump administration when pressed by host Don Lemon.

“If they want to share it with the American people, they are welcome to do it,” he added.

The ambassador said that “it’s an old story that the United Nations gangs up against Israel.”

“What is new is that the United States did not stand up and oppose that gang-up,” he said. “And what is outrageous is that the United States was behind that gang-up.”

The Obama administration has denied allegations that it was behind the resolution.

Dermer called the vote a “shameful” chapter in US-Israeli relations.

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