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A GoFundMe was started to protect Betty White from 2016

Betty White accepts the legend award at the TV Land Awards at the Saban Theatre on Saturday, April 11, 2015, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

2016 has been, as some would say, a year cursed. During the — almost — 365 days that have passed, some of the world's most celebrated talent has been taken from this world and passed on to rock out in the next. But with the passing of the much loved Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, one man has made it his mission to protect the most beloved actress currently walking this planet from the icy grip of Death's bony fingers.

Betty White is everybody's golden girl, and a man by the name of Demetrious Hrysikos has kicked up a GoFundMe page to raise money for him to be a body guard for White against the monstrous 2016, until it passes on new years and 2017 takes over.

From the GoFundMe page:

Help 2016 catch these hands if it goes anywhere near Betty White! If she's okay with it I will fly to where ever Betty White is and keep her safe till Jan 1 , 2017. Now , assuming she doesn't want a strange Greek standing gaurd outside her door all monies will be donated to the Spartanburg little theater to help craft new stars of stage and screen to carry mantle of the legends that have left is this year.

At the time of this posting, the GoFundMe page has already passed its intended goal of $2,000 and is currently sitting at more than $3,000, with more than 300 donators.

Of course, Hrysikos knows he can't stop death. In truth, this is a fun and ingenious way to raise funds for the Spartanburg Little Theatre.

“After the passing of Carrie Fisher, I just wanted to try to make people smile with a joke and maybe do some good,” Hrysikos told NBC4.

“So I started the page, not expecting all this, but glad it happened.  Any money I raise to help new budding artists gets some good out of a bad situation is a win, I think," he continued.

With over three days to go, we can hope and pray that White, 94, will not only make it through 2016, but many years to come. As spry as she is, the prospects look good.

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