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American Idol' alum Bo Bice says he's victim of racism from Popeye's employee

Former 'American Idol' contestant Bo Bice. Image source: YouTube.

Former 'American Idol' contestant Bo Bice says that he was the victim of a racial epithet from a Popeye's restaurant employee, and he's being mocked on social media for even suggesting such a thing is possible.

Bice documented his version of the story in an angry Facebook post that has since been removed for alleged failure to meet Facebook standards. Here's an excerpt from the post:

Shawana is such a model Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen employee! After laughing at and mocking my name (Bow-Bow, Boo-Boo, Bo-Bo) for 5 minutes straight with other employees, then when my order came up for a 2nd time (because she rang it up twice, goes to show how on top of things they were) they called out “BO-BO”, to which she refereed to me in a condescending tone as “The White Boy” to her other fellow Popeye’s teammates. “He already got this, that White Boy there” they all had a good laugh over it, even the so-called manager you see in the photo beside Shawana. Now, if the tables had been turned and I as a white male treated any person of ethnicity anyway resembling how she spoke to and treated me I’d be considered insensitive and racist.

Bice says that the company apologized eventually, but not before many people on social media mocked him for being so sensitive about the racial mockery:

The singer spoke to Fox News about the incident:

According to some academics on the left, white people cannot be the victims of racism at all, since they are the beneficiaries of "white privilege" and their empowered status invalidates acts of racism against them. One such example is social justice agitator S.E. Smith, who wrote at the Daily Dot that reverse racism doesn't exist because whites aren't oppressed but empowered because of their race.

Conservatives, on the other hand say any race-based discrimination should be considered "racist" no matter who the victim is, including former "American Idol" contestants of any color. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts opined that the way to stop racism is simple - stop discriminating on the basis of race. He made no exceptions for any race.

Bice says he'll be deleting his Facebook account for deleting his post, calling the service a "communist media platform."

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