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Mike Rowe responds to the naysayers of Ford's decision to keep jobs in America

TV personality Mike Rowe takes part in a roundtable discussion on manufacturing. (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

Ford Motor Co. announced Tuesday that they were cancelling plans to build a $1.6 billion plant in Mexico, and instead, they said they plan to reinvest in an existing plant in Michigan to keep jobs in the United States.

In their decision, they cited the pro-business environment that President-elect Donald Trump has ushered in since being elected last November. And while many might quibble over the details or try to downplay the fact that one more business has decided to not outsource their labor, TV host Mike Rowe is not one of those people.

In fact, Rowe, who used to be a spokesperson for Ford, wrote on Facebook that Tuesday's announcement was a "big, fat victory" for America — and it should be celebrated.

"Honestly, I don’t care what your politics are, or your opinion of NAFTA, The UAW, The New F-150, rich people, poor people, The Global Economy, or The President-Elect – this is good news, and sensible people should celebrate it," Rowe wrote. "The company who invented mass production is once again betting on the future of America!"

"What's the worst part about that? And if I’m reading this right, it's happening – at least in part – because of new 'pro-growth policies, and a more positive manufacturing environment for US business,'" he added, citing a Fox News article about the announcement.

And if anyone says anything different or does anything other than celebrate the positive news, then Rowe suggested that they're missing the point.

He wrote:


Will Ford’s decision be politicized? Yup.

Will Ford be accused of acting in their own self-interest? Yup.

Will critics say Ford could do more, and criticize them for doing too little? Yup.

Will the media overwhelm us with articles that explain why this is no big deal, and how Ford’s decision will ultimately result in no new jobs? Yup.

Do me a favor – ignore these people. They don’t know how to feel good about anything other than feeling bad. They don’t understand the value of justifiable optimism - or it’s importance.

Rowe went on to share an anecdote about backlash he received several years ago after he narrated a Walmart commercial announcing the retail giant's plan to invest $250 billion in U.S. manufacturing.

"The backlash was instantaneous. People with an axe to grind against Walmart were livid with me, and thousands came to this page to tell me personally they hoped that Walmart would fail. Why? Because some people hate Walmart more than they care about America," Rowe wrote. "Some people can't see the bigger picture. Some people don't understand if companies like Walmart choose NOT to invest in this country, no one will. And they don’t realize the importance of other companies, following their example."

In the end, Rowe said that America needs more companies to follow Ford's lead and reinvest in American production. And if the government creates a friendly business environment — one that encourages them to stay stateside instead of outsourcing their labor — then America will be much better off, Rowe said.

"My only question now is...who’s next?" he wrote.

It's clear that Rowe's thoughts resonated with Americans because in less than 24 hours since posting his ideas to Facebook, nearly 300,000 people have reacted to it, in addition to receiving more than 72,000 shares.

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