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Conservative pundits mock Hollywood political videos — with a 'Hollywood' political video

Image source: YouTube

Tired of being preached at by self-important and condescending Hollywood actors on how to be responsible political actors, some conservative pundits are fighting back using the very same format Hollywood employs: the impossibly boring public service announcement video.

An example of a recent PSA from Hollywood demands that Congress stand up to President-elect Donald Trump to protect civil liberties and to "obstruct" anything that "violates" American core values. Here it is in all its melodramatic glory, a feat really only actors could pull off:

So conservative pundits associated with Townhall.com decided to make their own video to answer the melodrama. And they chose to use the language of the actors to, quite literally, tell them to "stop sucking."

"It's your job to be creative. And yet, how many of these lame ass videos have you made that look exactly like this?" one person says in the video.

Fox News' "Red Eye" got in on the fun, too.

Your move, Hollywood.

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