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Los Angeles artist creates mural out of blood as a 'reflection of Trump's presidency

Still from ABC7 video of Illma Gore paints in blood to 'reflect Trump's presidency.

From the makers of the naked Trump statues, comes a brand new project that some may consider even more gross than the first.

The artist group known as "Indecline" is currently creating a mural that they say represents the presidency of President-elect Donald Trump. While the artist, Illma Gore, is not revealing what the painting will look like when it's finished, Indecline did let on what the medium was.

Human blood. According to ABC7, more than 20 pints of blood was drawn to put together this mural.

"We weren't planning anything until he was actually elected and decided to make a statement, a protest against his inauguration," said Gore, as she painted.

"As the leaders of this piece, speaking on behalf of the arts community, I'm letting this administration know we're not going anywhere, and this is what he's going to be up against for the next four years," said an anonymous representative from Indecline.

The mural itself will make its debut this coming Sunday, less than a week before Trump's inauguration.

While Gore says that blood has never been used for art on this scale, it should be noted that the Trump presidency has not yet begun, and would argue that the blood would probably have been better used as donations to blood banks to help people.

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