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Rand Paul believes whoever leaked the intel on Trump should be jailed

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. introduces Transportation Secretary-designate Elaine Chao at her confirmation hearing before Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation, Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Zach Gibson)

Unverified information featured in an intelligence dossier that was leaked to the press made the rounds in the news cycle, mainly in the form of Buzzfeed who released the documents in full with few redactions, and many highlights. The claims made in the dossier were denounced by Trump, who now says he believes it was a cyberattack by Russia.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, however, believes that if anyone is handing out sensitive information about important public figures, then they should see jail time.

"Really, this is so important that I think whoever leaked it should be prosecuted. Someone should go to jail," Paul told Cavuto. "If this was an intelligence agency head that talked to the media they should go to jail. If this was part of the Obama administration, they should go to jail."

"The reason is, you don't want your public figures succumbing to blackmail," continued Paul. "Now he's saying the information is false, and I have to rely on his word on that, but the thing is, let's say that any public official is being blackmailed. What do they tell you to do? You're supposed to go to the FBI and give them the information."

"But if you can't trust the FBI to keep it secret, and the FBI is going to tell the press what they're blackmailing you about, what will happen is it will lead to a situation where public figures may be more liable to be extorted or be blackmailed. So this is a very serious thing," said Paul.

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