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I'm not getting involved in that': Tucker Carlson avoids Geraldo Rivera's dig at Megyn Kelly

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson appeared uncomfortable Tuesday following Fox colleague Geraldo Rivera's blatant jab at Megyn Kelly.

Kelly announced her exit from Fox News earlier this month after more than a decade at the cable outlet, to take on a new role at NBC News. Kelly's show, "The Kelly File," aired on Fox News at 9 p.m. ET, the time slot Carlson's new program, "Tucker Carlson Tonight" now fills.

Rivera appeared on Carlson's show Tuesday night for a segment titled "The Friend ZONE." The four-minute exchange between the two personalities was casual, for the most part but, near the end, things got pretty awkward.

The uncomfortable moment came when Carlson asked Rivera about a certain "suspicion I have long had," which is "that all famous people know each other and get together in private venues and sort of roll around in your famousness."

"Is that true?" Carlson wondered. Rivera responded by saying he doesn't know if that's the case.

Rivera then used the opportunity to get in a not-so-subtle critique of Carlson's predecessor.

"I don't know if that's true, but I will tell you this. Donald Trump put me on television a lot more than Megyn Kelly ever did," Rivera said.

The pointed comment visibly took Carlson by complete surprise. The stunned Fox host then decidedly declared his neutrality in the matter.

"I'm not getting involved in that. I mean there's just no chance I'm going to respond to that. I'm everyone's friend here," Carlson said.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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