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Pop star Ciara says abstinence before marriage made her feel ‘very powerful’

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson speaks to singer Ciara during the French L1 football match March 5, 2016. (Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images)

Pop star Ciara said in a recent interview that practicing abstinence before her marriage made her feel “very powerful.”

In an interview with Cosmopolitan South Africa, Ciara said she thinks the decision made her relationship with her husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, much stronger.

“I really believe that when you focus on a friendship, you have the opportunity to build a strong foundation for a relationship  and once you know you’re really great friends and you’re what we call ‘equally yoked,’ where you share the same values or the same outlook on life, it kind of sets the tone,” she said.

Ciara added, “Knowing that you’ll always have the friendship and that you can always go back to it is very important.”

“I have to give credit to my husband for sharing those views,” she said. “It’s awesome how it all worked out.”

Shortly after she began dating Wilson in 2015, the couple revealed they were dating “Jesus’s way” by waiting to have sex until marriage. They married last year.

“It’s important to have a friendship,” Ciara added. “It’s important to have standards. You shouldn’t feel like you have to give your body away to get someone to like you.”

Me and My Heart Beats

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Ciara, who has a 2-year-old son with an ex-fiance, recently announced that she is expecting another child with her husband.

She said that she hopes by sharing such a personal matter, she can be a good role model for her fans.

“I think that people can learn from your experiences when they happen in front of the world,” she said, adding, “You never know what someone else is going through, and you never know how sharing your situation might help them with theirs.”

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