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Done!': Fox host cuts interview with HuffPo 'crackpot' who won't accept election results
Image source: Fox News

Done!': Fox host cuts interview with HuffPo 'crackpot' who won't accept election results

Fox host Tucker Carlson cut short a live interview with a Huffington Post contributor Wednesday night after the guest continuously insisted that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is the "legitimate" president-elect of the United States without providing any evidence to support his claim.

In a piece published Sunday by the Huffington Post, contributor Alex Mohajer openly advocated for the federal court system to step in and stop the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. Mohajer cited two different federal lawsuits, both filed earlier this month, that effectively call on federal judges to invalidate the results of the Nov. 8 election and order that a new nationwide presidential election be held.

It is well-established that in shaping equity decrees, federal courts are vested with broad discretionary powers, and a plethora of case law exists stating that courts may intervene to protect the integrity of free and fair elections. While true that a presidential election has never been overturned, cases like Donohue v. Board Of Elections, which arose from the 1976 presidential election, have ruled that the authority exists to order a special election, even at the presidential level. The judge reiterated that “protecting the integrity of elections, particularly Presidential contests, is essential to a free and democratic society."

One of the lawsuits cited by Mohajer makes the case that the Electoral College is unconstitutional because it originally counted slaves in Southern states as only three-fifths of a person. Another lawsuit claims the election results are unconstitutional because lawmakers and intelligence officials failed to secure the voting system against "cyberterrorists," a reference to Russia's alleged interference in the election.

But Mohajer took things a step further Wednesday during his interview with Carlson, not just referring to Trump as an "illegitimate" president but also going so far as to call Clinton the "legitimate president."

Mohajer defended the position by noting how Clinton won the nationwide popular vote by about 3 million votes and by citing an Executive Intelligence Review article that claims Trump was recruited to run for president by the former Soviet Union 30 years ago. As Carlson noted, the EIR is a publication run by perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, who has been accused in the past of espousing anti-Semitic views.

LaRouche founded an organization called the National Council of Labor Committees, which began as a left-wing group, but has swung far to the right. As LaRouche told the Daily Beast in Nov. 2015, it would be "unfair to Hitler" to compare Hitler to Obama.

The Daily Beast also reported that LaRouche once referred to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger as a "f****t" and does not believe climate change exists. Despite these views, however, LaRouche openly supported former Maryland Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley for president in 2016.

Further, the New York State Supreme Court in 1980 dismissed a defamation charge, filed by LaRouche's National Council of Labor Committees against the Anti-Defamation League, ruling that allegations of anti-semitism against the NCLC were "fair comment," according to the Washington Post.

When Carlson pointed out these facts during the Fox interview, Mohajer dismissed them. Instead, the Huffington Post contributor launched multiple attacks against the conservative publication the Daily Caller, which Carlson co-founded, accusing the website of being "racist" and "offensive."

Mohajer insisted he was not defending a the LaRouche piece, but merely pointing out its existence as a "legitimate source."

"It's a piece by a lunatic. ... This is stupid," Carlson rebutted. But, noting that he was tempted to end the interview right there, Carlson asked Mohajer one last question.

"You say that we need to remove Donald Trump from the presidency for the sake of democracy. So you had over 60 million people vote for him and you're saying that one judge or a panel of judges removing him would be more democratic than the election results. It seems like the opposite of democracy to me," Carlson said.

But Mohajer seemingly walked back his proposal, stating that Trump should only be removed as president "if it is found" there were communications between the Russians and the FBI in releasing FBI Director James Comey's letter to Congress just days before the election. Comey's letter stated the bureau had effectively reopened its investigation into Clinton's emails from the time she was secretary of state, a move some Democrats to this day argue tilted the election outcome in Trump's favor.

Carlson asked Mohajer if he was suggesting there was "collusion" between the FBI and Trump, to which Mohajer replied, "We'll see," noting that the Department of Justice is investigating the alleged Russian interference. Carlson was none too pleased with Mohajer's claim, for which he said there is no proof.

"The idea that people would take a crackpot like you that would throw something out there with no evidence is distressing and shame on the Huffington Post for printing your garbage," Carlson said.

"Interview over, Alex. Done," Carlson said, signaling to his producers. "I'm trying to listen and you're alleging things that you can't know."

Mohajer responded by saying he's tired of the "constant partisan squabbling," even though, as Carlson pointed, Mohajer once ran a partisan organization.

Mohajer co-founded the pro-Clinton advocacy website "Bros4America," which its website describes as an organization that "lobbies and supports progressive policies and candidates up-and-down ticket through social media outreach, volunteerism, fundraising and by creating original video and digital content."

At that point, Carlson said he was "done" and cut the interview short.

"You're a Democrat political operative!" Carlson said laughingly at the conclusion of the segment.

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