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Unhinged woman goes off on Trump supporter on airplane. Cabin cheers what happens to her.
Image source: Facebook video screen cap

Unhinged woman goes off on Trump supporter on airplane. Cabin cheers what happens to her.

Scott Koteskey said he was about to take his window seat on a flight from Baltimore to Seattle Saturday when a woman in the seat next to him — in a "very stern voice" — asked: "Did you come here to cheer or to protest?"

Given the inauguration of Republican President Donald Trump occurred in Washington, D.C., Friday, Koteskey knew what the woman was referring to and answered, "I came here to celebrate democracy, ma'am."

With that, Koteskey said, the woman went off on him, saying he "put a crazed man in charge of the nuclear codes! You should be ashamed!"

When Koteskey replied that "we're all entitled to our opinions here, ma'am," he said the woman told him she's "entitled to get drunk and puke in your lap! I'm going to throw up right in your lap! You make me sick! Don't talk to me! Don't look at me!"

Oh, and Koteskey said she called him a "bigot" and that he should get off the plane.

Image source: Facebook video screen cap

But it wouldn't be Koteskey who'd be exiting early.

At some point he flipped on his cellphone camera and captured the ensuing conversation between the woman — who was next to her husband seated in the aisle seat — and flight attendants.

Image source: Facebook video screen cap

"Is there going to be a problem?" one flight attendant asked the woman.

She replied, "I would like for him to change seats with someone else."

The flight attendant wasn't having it, though, telling the woman "you don't have that right" as she shook her head.

The woman then turned back to Koteskey.

"You pretend you have the moral high ground, but you put that man's finger on the nuclear button. That man doesn't believe in climate change," she said, pulling an air quotation for added measure.

Image source: Facebook video screen cap

"Do you believe in gravity?" she added. "Did you know gravity's just a theory?"

At that point a flight attendant Koteskey said is a supervisor told the woman the captain ordered her removed from the plane.

"No," the woman replied. "I paid for this seat, and I'm sitting in it." She added that Koteskey "is in my space," that her mother-in-law had died and the supervisor should "have some respect" and that "there is no way I'm getting off this plane."

No dice. The order had been given, and transportation police were already on their way.

Check it out:

Here's a clip shot from the opposite row of seats showing what happened when the woman and her husband, flanked by police, were ordered off. (Hint: The other passengers weren't sorry to see them go):

And here's another cell phone video of the couple getting booted:

Koteskey said that other passengers told him the woman also harassed other passengers wearing "Trump apparel."

Here's what Koteskey said he observed just afterward:

As the lady was removed I saw that I was surrounded by blacks, Latinos, Asians, and whites, all who had chimed in asking her to be removed and who had defended me. I was touched and moved knowing later that not all these people were Trump supporters. The black man who took the seat next to me was a registered Democrat and he and I had a very good discussion about the beauty of free speech and coming together when people insult and commit acts of violence just for having differing views.

Koteskey concluded: "It truly was a great demonstration of AMERICA and its people coming together and standing up for one another."

(H/T: Chicks on the Right)

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