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California brewery faces backlash after owner makes anti-Women's March comments

Image source: KTXL-TV

A California brewery is facing backlash from the community after its owner, Daniel Murphy, expressed his negative sentiments on social media about the historic Women's March.

More than 1 million people turned out the day after President Donald Trump's inauguration to demonstrate in support of minorities' rights — particularly women's rights. But with anti-abortion feminist groups excluded as partners for the event, the march was largely heralded as an anti-Trump protest.

The day after the march, Murphy, the owner of Twelve Rounds Brewing in Sacramento, reportedly wrote on his personal Facebook page:

I am disgusted at all of the people and politicians that supports this anti-Trump event. The left just can't accept loss and think they can protest their way to victory. You can't. I am especially disgusted with the politicians that supported this divisive event. Time to vote all of these pieces of garbage out of office.

The Sacramento Bee reported that Murphy has also used his Facebook page to label former President Barack Obama a traitor, argue for all Muslims to be deported and oppose same-sex marriage.

In the wake of the comments, several local restaurants have discontinued selling Twelve Rounds beer. The brewery also backed out of the popular Art of Beer Invitational Friday, a festival that attracts some top breweries.

According to the Bee, due to the backlash and attention Twelve Rounds faced, both Murphy and the festival's organizers agreed that it would be best if the brewery did not participate this year.

"We reached out to them and said we understand that this is going on," Art of Beer event director Jennifer Irwin told the Bee. "We’re a beer festival that focuses on beer and food and the charity, and we don’t have the energy to deal with this right now. They felt they needed to pull back so the conversation would be about the beer and food and not about them. Dan was very reflective. I appreciated that he listened."

Several restaurants in the area, including Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar, Pangaea Bier Cafe and Hook & Ladder have publicly said they will no longer sell Twelve Rounds beer.

A small contingent of protesters have also steadily demonstrated outside the brewery.

Still, multiple local news outlets have reported that Twelve Rounds' tasting room has remained packed despite the backlash.

"We shouldn’t bombard a small business and try to shut them down, that’s not America," patron Jeff Miller told KTXL-TV.

"I didn’t even know about this brewery, but I heard about the protest, and I came out to support them," he added.

Kyle Mickiewicz, a regular patron, told KTXL that he "hopes [Murphy] survives" the controversy especially as he believes that the brewery owner has "learned his lesson."

Twelve Rounds Brewing also posted multiple public apologies on its Facebook page and encouraged people to visit the brewery to get to know the owners in person.

In one post, Murphy's wife, Elle, said that her husband has only treated her with respect and pointed out that the majority of the brewery's staff is women.

"From day 1, Dan and I have made it Twelve Rounds' mission to support charities that promote the welfare of women and children," she said. "This is a direct reflection of our personal mission as well. Our actions speak loudly how much we value women."

In another apology, Murphy said that he is "tired of" seeing protests and riots due to Trump's win.

"I hope you give us another chance. We pour our heart and life savings into 12 Rounds," Murphy said in the latest apology posted to Facebook Tuesday. "I would understand if you didn't — we all have to pay for our mistakes — but in a world that needs less division and more healing, I would hope that you would find it in your heart to do so."

The full apology is below:

I am very sorry.

Yesterday evening I posted something on my personal Facebook page that was born out of frustration and anger and it came across as judgmental. I wouldn't want anybody to judge me without knowing me so that definitely was not my intent. Upon further reflection, I can see how my personal post was offensive and hurtful to many people who were peacefully protesting for what they believe in. I am very sorry.

I hope you give us another chance. We poured our heart and life savings into 12 Rounds. I would understand if you didn't -- we all have to pay for our mistakes -- but in a world that needs less division and more healing, I would hope that you would find it in your heart to do so.

We invite you over to our brewery if you ever want to talk to us and get to know the real us. A former president once invited two disagreeing parties to talk over a beer. I think that’s a great idea.

According to the brewery's website, Murphy began brewing at home in 1990. The couple officially opened Twelve Rounds in August 2015.

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