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Watch: Small Mississippi town fights back after mayor forced to remove Christian flag

Image source: WREG-TV

Hundreds of residents in a small Mississippi town took part in a demonstration on Saturday to fight back after the town's mayor was forced to remove a Christian flag flying over a local park.

According to WREG-TV, Mayor Walter Williams of Rienzi, Miss., was forced to remove the Christian flag flying over the town's Veterans Memorial Park after the Freedom from Religion Foundation threatened the town with a $500,000 lawsuit.

Since the town has just several hundred residents, Williams said his hands were tied.

"I never dreamed that something like this would have happened in a town this small, but it happened," Williams told WREG.

The predominantly Christian town was not happy with the situation, so they decided to organize a demonstration where they would re-hoist the Christian flag.

"There just comes a point in time when you've got to be politically incorrect and take a stand," event organizer Kevin Nelms told WREG.

"We're not gonna let other people, or a foundation, or anybody else up in Wisconsin tell us that we can't fly our flag!" he added "You're gonna take one down, we're gonna put a hundred back up."

So that's what the residents did on Saturday — they re-hoisted the Christian flag. And although it didn't stay up there for long, Williams vowed that it would soon fly on the pole again, only this time permanently.

"We're gonna fly that flag again," Williams told WREG, "and I'm hoping it's not going to be long."

The Freedom from Religion Foundation is an infamous organization that specifically targets towns, cities and the military for instances where they deem the First Amendment has been violated.

But Williams said his town isn't going down without a fight. He told WREG that he has hired an attorney and will discuss further details of the matter with his town at the next board meeting this Tuesday.

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