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Netanyahu says Israel is 'indestructible' with Chuck Norris supporting it

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greets Chuck Norris. Image Source: YouTube.

In a very funny interaction that will probably have Israel's enemies fuming, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared Israel "indestructible" after meeting with action film star Chuck Norris.

"Listen, Israel is strong," Netanyahu joked, "but it's indestructible now!" inspiring laughter from Norris, who introduced his wife to the Israeli leader.

Netanyahu kept on with the joke, adding, "I think we can tell our security team to leave - we don't need them anymore!"

The action film star is a longtime supporter of Israel and Netanyahu, even going so far as to record a campaign advertisement for him for his re-election bid in 2013.

Shalom, this is Chuck Norris

With the election only days away, Israel has an important decision to make, so let me tell you what Chuck would do.

You might think I’m a tough guy in my films, but in a rough neighborhood like the Middle East, Israel has its own tough guy. His name is Bibi Netanyahu.

Bibi brought the pressing issue of Israel’s security to the world, speaking loudly and clearly at the United Nations and in Congress, bringing the world together to put sanctions on Iran.

He has raised a wall along the whole southern border of Israel, stopped the missiles raining on Israel and showed Hamas it will not be tolerated.[…]

So vote for Benjamin Netanyahu, because a strong prime minister is a strong Israel.

I’m Chuck Norris and I endorse this message and Benjamin Netanyahu, your strong prime minister.

Netanyahu won then and won again in 2015. Israel was a hot button issue in the 2016 election as Trump promised to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a policy that enflamed the Middle East. The administration has since walked back the suggestion after winning the election, and also appeared to oppose the expansion of new Israeli settlements into the disputed regions claimed by Palestinians.

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