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Prankster interrupts live weather broadcast in a horrifyingly real 'pot Sasquatch' costume

Image source: YouTube

Snow came down in Springfield, Massachusetts, Thursday as meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei reported live from the snowstorm at an intersection known locally as "The X," totally unaware of the large figure lurking behind her.

As WWLP news co-anchor Kait Walsh introduced Pagliei's segment, she jokingly mentioned reports of earlier Sasquatch sightings in the area and teased, "Hopefully he won't bother her."

Well, technically he didn't bother her, but he did make an appearance on live television. As Pagliei began her report, the large Sasquatch can be seen casually walking through the snow. Pagliei kept going, unaware of the prank going on behind her until she stepped out of the frame to allow the camera to show the conditions of the area. Pagliei barely missed a beat, but could be heard laughing as she walked out of frame and noticed the large creature walking behind her.

It turns out the Sasquatch costume was covered in marijuana leaves.

Massachusetts voted in November to legalize recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21. The law went into effect Dec. 14.

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