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Watch: Students protesting Trump executive order have no idea what it entails

Image source: Fox News

Fox News' Jesse Watters caught up with several hundred high schoolers in New York City who earlier this week protested President Donald Trump's travel ban. As it turns out, most of the kids Watters talked to were not exactly well-informed about the temporary travel ban.

The order, which was suspended Thursday by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, established a 90-day freeze on entry into the U.S. from seven Muslim-majority countries — Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Yemen and Libya — as well as a 120-day moratorium on the refugee resettlement program.

But most of the students, who ditched their classes to march against Trump in Manhattan's Foley Square, seemed to have very little knowledge of what the executive order actually entailed, Fox News reported.

"Which nations are on the travel ban list?" Watters inquired of one student.

The student, clearly unsure of what to say, uttered: "Well, as of right now, I'm not completely sure about the actual countries."

Other class-skipping students claimed the ban targeted Lebanon and Afghanistan — neither of those countries is outlined in the executive order.

When the Fox personality asked one female student why she wouldn't want to see potential visa applicants or refugees "extremely vetted" before they enter the U.S., she wondered why the government would want them to be screened in the first place.

"Why should they be extremely vetted?" she asked Watters, who replied, "Because [the countries in the ban] are havens of terrorism."

"America's a haven of terrorism," the student quickly shot back, offering no explanation for her inflammatory claim.

And another student made the unequivocal statement that none of the countries listed in the ban are "terrorist countries." That claim was immediately fact-checked by Watters, who informed the protester that Iran is the No. 1 state sponsor of terror in the world, according to the State Department.

And this is what happened when the Fox questioner asked another student about border security:

Watters: "Do you believe in borders?"

Student: "If you're cool and all, you're coming in to help me, I'm cool with that. But you're not coming here to mess things up."

Watters: "So don't you wanna check to see if someone's 'cool' before you let them in?"

Student: "Well, of course, you always wanna check. That's why we have our airports."

Watters: "And that's why we want extreme vetting."

Student: "Of course, of course."

At the end of their back and forth, Watters said: "So you do agree with the Trump ban." The student had nothing to say.

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