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Watch: Tucker Carlson shuts down left-wing college student who wants to silence campus conservatives
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Watch: Tucker Carlson shuts down left-wing college student who wants to silence campus conservatives

Fox News host Tucker Carlson got into a heated exchange with a New York University grad student on Friday after the student recently advocated that his school silence their College Republicans club.

Kouross Esmaeli wrote an op-ed for NYU's student newspaper after violence erupted at the school earlier this month when speaker Gavin McInnes was invited by NYU College Republicans to speak at the school. Eleven protesters were arrested during the riot.

But according to Esmaeli, it wasn't the violent protesters who were at fault for the violence. Instead, it was the College Republicans who invited McInnes to speak, arguing that McInnes speech isn't protected by the Constitution's First Amendment.

Esmaeli came out of the gate firing, telling Carlson that he's a "free speech fundamentalist" and questioned Carlson over whether or not he thinks Al Qaeda should be able to recruit on college campuses or if people should be able to advocate killing police officers on campus.

However, Carlson didn't take the bait, and explained with real facts why McInnes speech is protected, citing the 1969 Supreme Court case, Brandenburg v. Ohio. That case found that the government cannot suppress inflammatory speech, unless it directly incites violence.

"I cannot say, 'Go smash the windows of that liquor store,'" Carlson said hypothetically, explaining the application behind the court case.

"Now if you would have taken 10 minutes to Google this, you'd know that," he added. "And so there really is not a close call here. What he is doing is protected speech."

What Esmaeli said in reply left Carlson speechless.

"My stance is this: That we do not live in a society in which any speech should or is guaranteed," he said, adding that McInnes' speech was "beyond the pale of responsible dialogue."

"We cannot prevent people from expressing what they believe," Carlson shot back. "That is the essence of our democratic values — and you don't seem to understand that."

Over the next several minutes, Esmaeli got hung up over McInnes allegedly likening black people to monkeys, which was his reasoning for why McInnes' speech should not be protected and College Republicans at NYU should be sanctioned.

Later, Esmaeli told Carlson that he lives in "la-la land." To that point, Carlson simply laughed in Esmaeli's face.

Eventually, Carlson shut down Esmaeli by cutting his microphone.

"You have no principles!" Carlson exclaimed. "All of the things you've been saying for the last 11 minutes are totally untrue — totally untrue!"

"Shut it down," Carlson added, cutting away from Esmaeli. "Woooooow!"

Watch the heated exchange below:

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