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Bald cancer patient who wears a turban hurls bold comeback when accused of 'cultural appropriation

Image source: YouTube

Thauane Cordeiro, a 19-year-old Brazilian woman, suffers from acute myeloid leukemia — cancer of the blood and bone marrow.

As with many cancer patients, Cordeiro lost her hair during treatment, so she decided to start wearing a turban in public to cover her head.

All seemed well with her decision — until an incident earlier this month, which she described on her Facebook page.

"I was at the station with the turban all beautiful," she wrote according to Facebook's translation, "feeling" like a "diva." But then she said black women were looking at her "oddly," as if to say "look at the white" woman "appropriating our culture."

Soon Cordeiro said a woman approached her and said she "shouldn't be wearing [the] turban" since she's white.

So she gave the social justice warrior an object lesson — and took off her turban.

"You see that?" Cordeiro told her, exposing her bald head. "It's called cancer, so I wear what I want. Goodbye."

With that she got up and left the woman "gawking" in disbelief.

Cordeiro noted to readers how "mad" she gets at the "whole cultural appropriation" cause.

She ain't alone.

(H/T: Heat Street)

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