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Live Action’s new investigative Planned Parenthood videos ignored by news networks

Image source: Live Action/YouTube

Although the pro-life group Live Action’s new investigative videos about Planned Parenthood have earned over 33 million views on social media, the three major broadcast networks — ABC, CBS and NBC — have yet to report on the videos, according to a study by the conservative Media Research Center.

TheBlaze has previously reported that the videos in Live Action’s “Abortion Corporation” series depict Planned Parenthood staffers telling undercover investigators that they cannot offer prenatal care or ultrasounds to women who want to continue with their pregnancies. The videos also feature former employees of the nation’s largest abortion provider saying that Planned Parenthood imposes abortion quotas on its clinics and offers staff incentives such as pizza parties for meeting those quotas.

Live Action’s first “Abortion Corporation” video has been viewed on Facebook over 17 million times:

According to the Media Research Center, despite the shocking allegations detailed in the videos and the millions of views they have acquired on social media, none of the three major broadcast networks have mentioned them once.

The videos were released after House Republicans indicated that they will redirect federal funds granted to Planned Parenthood to community health centers, a long-held goal of pro-life activists. Planned Parenthood has been accused of making fraudulent Medicaid claims and violating health codes in addition to trafficking aborted fetal body parts, allegations it has denied.

Lila Rose, the founder and president of Live Action, has said that the videos are evidence it is time for lawmakers to finally act on reallocating the funds.

“When lawmakers watch these videos, they should be deeply concerned at the treatment of women at Planned Parenthood,” Rose said in a statement accompanying the release of her organization’s most recent video. “It’s time to redirect Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding to more worthy local health clinics that aren’t in the abortion business but that instead provide holistic health care to women.”

Mary Alice Carter, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood, said in a recent interview with the New York Times that her organization has a history of being targeted by selectively edited videos.

“This is obviously part of a continued campaign to try to discredit us even though investigation after investigation found no wrongdoing in any of our health centers,” Carter said.

(H/T Newsbusters)

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