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New poll suggests Democrats might want to change their anti-Trump strategy

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According to a new poll, the majority of Americans do not agree with the Democratic leadership's resistance to President Donald Trump.

The poll, which was conducted between Feb. 11 through Feb. 13, found that 73 percent of voters think Democrats should start working with Trump, compared to 27 percent who said they want Democrats to continue to fight Trump on every decision he makes.

In a breakdown of Democrats versus Republicans, Democrats are nearly split down the middle. Of the Democrats polled, 52 percent said their party should cooperate with Trump when they can find common ground and 48 percent believe they should dig in their heels and resist any Trump proposal, regardless of the measure.

The majority of Democrats also believe Trump, in turn, should be willing to extend an olive branch as well, with 68 percent of Democrats saying they want Trump to cooperate and work with Democratic leadership. This figure is compared to 32 percent who believe Trump should stick to his guns and find ways to bypass Congress in the face of resistance.

According to The Hill, who first published the survey conducted by Harvard-Harris, 48 percent of Republicans would like to see Trump find common ground with the Democrats in Congress, but 52 percent want Trump to do whatever it takes to push his agenda through, including bypassing Congress and the utilization of executive orders.

Mark Penn, co-director of the survey, told The Hill, "This shows that voters want Trump and Democrats to compromise, and if they don't, they both may pay a heavy price with the electorate."

As Democrat leaders continue to attack Trump on every move, most Americans think it will ultimately do no good. According to the poll, 50 percent of voters think Trump will get his agenda done, compared to 40 percent who think he will fall short.

And while Trump's approval numbers remain low, he still maintains a better approval rating than either party in Congress, with 48 percent approving of the job he has done so far. Democrats in Congress have a 41 percent approval rating, and Republicans only fare a few points better at 43 percent approval.

The poll surveyed 2,148 registered voters consisting of 39 percent Democrats, 30 percent Republicans, 27 percent Independents, and five percent in the "other" category.


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